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Jarvis, Kris. 2023.  "Politicians Came Out In Force For Rapp Dems’ Blue State Bluegrass Brunch." Rapp Map Recorder, May 24, 2023.

"Larry Jackson of Fauquier County, Delegate Webert’s Democratic challenger in House District 61, said protecting a women’s right to choose was his highest priority that in fact, "it would be my top 5 priorities.”

A retired federal employee who continues to work as a contractor doing research for the military, Jackson said, "I may be new at this (running for office) but I am a pro. I’m pro-choice, pro-health care reform, pro-social justice reform and pro-environmental protection.”

Jackson said that people don’t often think about how much the government invests in their lives through highways, airports, schools and infrastructure.

"I believe government can be a force for good,” Jackson said."