An Introduction to Larry Jackson

Larry Jackson

Hello, my name is Larry Jackson, your Democratic CHOICE for House District 61.

I am proud to be a husband, father, grand-father and son and frequently spend my weekends with my family. I was retired, but have returned to working for Fort Belvoir, regularly commuting before 6AM. For over 40 years I’ve lived in Virginia and my family here keeps growing. I’ve lived in Fauquier County since 2014.

I am a retired DoD research engineer, and I now work as a contractor doing research. I have a BS in Math and an MS in Mechanical Engineering. For more than 5 years I was an adjunct Math Professor at Northern Virginia Community College. From 2018-2022 I was elected as one of the Co-Chairs of the Fauquier County Democratic Committee.

Growing up in a military family, I moved around often. I’ve attended both public and private schools, new and old, and even shared a college class with my father, Albert Jackson. My father Albert passed away in 2014 and was a beloved Veteran Army officer.  I graduated from a Catholic High School but also attended high school at Ft Bragg and Fayetteville NC. 

Education has been a lifelong interest of mine, and I consider myself a life-long learner. That may be why I am back to work and partly why I am running for office. My daughter and brother both substitute teach in the Virginia Public school system and I found joy teaching Math at NOVA. I believe in climate change and rely on science and research to come to conclusions. I believe that biased journalism and misinformation is damaging.

Professional: I look at data, apply the data, regroup and implement. I’ve been elected to Fauquier Democratic Committee and have experience with maintaining the ever-changing needs, issues, and opinions of the committee while providing consistent communication.  I have become quite skilled in the tent pitching and setting up signs in my time at FCDC since 2017.

BLM- The local Black Lives Matter Vigil for Action is one that I am active in and have attended since May 2020. I feel it is important to advocate for progress and exercise our desire and demand for change at public, regular, recurring rallies exercising our free speech for BLM.

Vote for a Pro- and make your CHOICE to vote for Larry Jackson.

The Army Greatest Inventions 2007 Award- Larry Jackson for IED Interrogation Arm

"The Army Greatest Inventions of 2007 are:

Improvised Explosive Device Interrogation Arm, U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center. The Interrogation Arm is totally operational from inside mine protected vehicles and provides stand-off detection capability, can detect metal, free- and pry-lift objects, and carry out shallow digging. A camera allows the operator to view objects at the end of the arm.

This article by By Jacqueline M. Hames published June 12, 2008 goes into detail about why the IED Interrogation Arm Invention was such a great invention for the army, in terms of defense and neutralization, and Larry Jackson's Team lead role. '"The arm was created to help detect improvised explosive devices from greater stand-off distances," Larry Jackson, team leader, said.

When using the arm, the Soldier is at a distance of about 20-30 feet away, Jackson explained.

Interrogation of suspect threats using the arm provides an increased level of survivability for vehicle crews, due to the larger distance between the Soldier and the threat."'