Larry Jackson 


Candidate for Virginia's General Assembly
House of Delegates, District 61

Culpeper, Fauquier, Rappahannock


Hello friends, my name is Larry Jackson and I am going to run for office this year.

 I am running for several reasons which I will briefly go into, but first I will make a promise to you. I will do my best to win this election for House of Delegates, District 61 for Virginia's General Assembly.

 I will be prepared when I show up at events, training, debates or any candidate related activity. I will show up. Although I am new to running for office, I am already a pro - I will be Pro-Choice, Pro-environmental protection, Pro-healthcare access for all, Pro-public education and Pro-common sense gun laws.  

I will try to deliver the message about the good things that government does our citizens and that only the government can do. For the government to do good things, we have to elect good people. Elect a Pro!